Stoep Talk: September 2014

September is heritage month and we celebrate all that we’ve inherited and that has shaped our little village.
Although South Africa has not always had an easy history, adiposity there are many traditions worth keeping. One such tradition is that in country villages, viagra buy people used to gather on the Common or Village Square, sick to talk about the events of the day and to share local news (this was a time before newspapers and e-zines). Whatever stress or worry you had would disappear after some friendly banter and a few laughs with friends. Thankfully this is a tradition that Stanford has kept.
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Stoep Talk: August 2014

Spring has arrived. The bare trees with their knotted fingers are showing off their beautiful blossoms like jewels against the backdrop of the majestic Klein River Mountains. It takes me back to cherry blossom season in Japan and how the Japanese celebrate every seasonal event with great wonderment and enthusiasm, buy cialis regardless of the fact that it comes around every year.

After the winter snow had melted, order the cherry blossoms would appear; little pink dots on an otherwise bleak landscape. They would only last only a week and so everyone would be out, going for picnics or simply participating in cherry blossom viewing.  The breeze would come and shake the blossoms from the trees, and it would be as if pink snow was falling from the sky.

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Stoep Talk: June 2014

‘Winter has a magical charm. You get to wear winter clothes; sit by the fireside, sip gluhwein and hot chocolate, and tell and listen to stories.’

Winter it is one of my favourite times to travel and explore the countryside. When I lived in London, my friends and I would often hire a car and spend the weekend in the countryside. We’d go on long walks, visit old houses, and cook dinner at night. Often we’d get caught in the rain and burst into the nearest pub, laughing and shaking the rain off our coats. Once we had ordered mulled wine, we’d warm ourselves by the fire while we waited for our clothes to dry.
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Stoep Talk: May 2014

‘Villages have always been a mystery to me. Most of my information came from the television series “Nommer asseblief?” and “Koöperasie Stories”.

I’ve had the privilege of living and working in three big cities in South Africa: Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. During my travels, I have visited London, Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin and marvelled at the neon lights, boutique shops, and throngs of people.
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