Ever thinking of “Great White Shark Diving in South Africa”?? Shark cage diving is a wonderful experience for all ages: 2 or 80years, you are welcome to join in the fun! Here at White Shark Adventures we welcome kids from all ages and sizes – just bring your parents with!* Don’t let the name of our boat fool you … NEMO is not scared of any shark. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, fighting the urge to dive outside the cage or just ticking down your bucket-list – we will see that you have the most exciting, adrenaline boosted adventure of your life. White Shark Adventures is the only company that can offer you Shark Cage Diving with constant air supply inside the cage! It is our privilege to offer you an opportunity to dive and view these magnificent animals in a safe and professional environment. *It is however the skipper and owner’s discretion to decide not to take young kids on board or inside the cage, should the weather- and/or sea conditions not be suitable. CHECK OUT OUR NEW CAGE WITH CONSTANT AIR SUPPLY – A VERY FIRST IN THE SHARK CAGE DIVING INDUSTRY!!! This newcomer to the Shark Cage Diving Industry can accommodate 6 divers – all with their own regulator, connected to an on board air compressor. This entitles all divers to have constant air and stay longer under water. The system is specially custom designed to expell air bubbles behind the divers, near the surface, to ensure no bubbles under water would scare away the sharks – which is the biggest problem when using normal scuba gear.