“Buy a tree for R 150 to be planted out in the schoolyard of Die Bron
and your tree will become part of a “schoolyard forest” which will
witness children playing under its canopy for generations to come.”

An exciting new project has come to Stanford – “Die Bron” Primary School Tree planting project and you can get involved.

“Die Bron Primary School” in Stanford is planting 100 (and maybe more) indigenous trees in the schoolyard.”

The schoolyard of Die Bron Primary School is at present somewhat bleak, cialis mainly devoid of anything and exposed to wind and harsh sun. Planting trees will provide a welcome greening of the children’s environment and will provide shade and shelter from wind.

It will teach the children to appreciate the beauty of our South African nature and their own environmental heritage.

It will bring birds and other small wildlife into the schoolyard and into the life of the children.

The trees will create a soft and green barrier between children of different age-groups.

The trees will be planted by the children themselves under supervision of the school staff and the South African Reforestation Trust.

The tree planting will be done together with an education project about South African trees and forests:
the importance of forests for our health and well-being
the benefits and functions of forests for the land
the uses and specifics of individual tree species

Find out more by downloading the PDF HERE.