Land Based Whale Watching

De Kelders, Gansbaai, Hermanus

De Kelders is 20km from Stanford along the R43. De Kelders “A good spot to spot whales” is putting it mildly. Usually to spot a whale from the shore, you have to check the ocean, wait for a while and -maybe- see a black spot in the distance that might be a whale. No such thing in De Kelders. This is the place that the Southern Right Whales call home! You don’t have to look for them. This is simply where they are between July and December. The whale you will see in abundance is the Southern Right Whale. These whales come to these shores every year to mate, give birth and play until they depart to the ice cold waters off Antarctica for the rest of the year. The whales regularly come within a few meters of the shore. Standing on top of one of the cliffs or rock formations along the ocean, you can easily spot the whales cruising by below you. Walker Bay Nature Reserve 17 km of rocky and sandy coast, excellent whale watching. Permit and 4×4 required. Alternatively excellent whale watching only 20 kilometers away at De Kelders, Gansbaai or 21 km away in Hermanus.