Marine Dynamics

The Great White House, 5 Geelbek Street, Kleinbaai, 7220

Marine Dynamics is a world-recognized shark cage diving company located in Kleinbaai, Western Cape near Gansbaai.
It is our mission to replace fiction with fact about sharks by engaging with them as they are naturally- cool, calm, collected, and calculated.
As the apex predator of the sea, sharks command our respect, NOT FEAR!
Slashfin, our purpose-built cage-diving vessel, is the most modern vessel launched in 2010.
The premier safety and comfort on board have set new standards in the cage-diving industry.
Safety is our top priority and we spare no expense.
Marine Dynamics supports critically important research on white sharks as well as many other species in Gansbaai.
Only through understanding can you educate, and only through education can we conserve – and that is our motto, “Discover & Protect!”
Whether cage diving is on the top of your bucket list, part of a life-long passion for sharks, or you seek to further protect them – Marine Dynamics is the only company that can provide the best experience for everyone!

Today’s trip was one big and very welcome surprise as we spent the afternoon watching Bronze whalers, Short-tail stingrays and Great White sharks with the return of one of Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s Iconic Great Whites, Mini Nemo.

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