Smart Octopus have worked with the travel and lifestyle industry for over fifteen years and understand the unique challenges of communicating with the family looking for an affordable break away, to the high-end couple looking to unwind in a 5-star lodge.

In between you have the coffee hunters, the wine connoisseurs, the adventure junkies and all the other interesting and varied audiences that fall in love with South African Travel. And most importantly, we know how to reach them on the platforms they’re engaging with on a daily basis.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Create and Evaluate Social Media Strategies. Use social media analytics tools to tweak social strategies based on findings.
  • Social Media management. Along with the daily management of your platforms, dedicated campaigns with specific objectives and targets assist in increasing your reach, penetrating new networks and bringing awareness to various promotions. Targeted campaigns, partnered with online advertising can ensure that the right content reaches the right audience
  • Influencer Facilitation, We are all for making friends! By saying that we mean, the right friends with the right audience! The more online influencers we can collaborate with for campaigns, promotions and online projects, the more new people we get to meet and be introduced to. There are so many opportunities online to work collaboratively with tourism stakeholders, partner with like-minded products and initiatives in order to amplify your message and reach new eyes and ears.
  • Email Marketing / Newsletters : A strategic communication plan, (of which your newsletter is one element), will ensure that you reach your objectives and that the time spent developing your content shows a return through engagement and action.
  • Content Generation: We have a copywriter and PR arm that can generate topical and effective content as and when needed. Add to this a planned content matrix that includes various stimuli and content that is meaningful to encourage engagement.
  • Digital Advertising: Online advertising is a great compliment to your existing online presence. Drive targeted campaign traffic, or engage in awareness or reminder advertising.